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Keep Halloween From Being Truly Scary For Your Kids By Using These Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults alike. Kids love it because they can dress up, scare their friends, go to parties in costume, etc. Adults love it for most of the same reasons. However, it can also be a dangerous time for your kids. Here are some practical safety tips to help you keep your children safe:

1. BE SEEN! A lot of Trick or Treating is done in low light or dark conditions. Make sure your child's costume has some reflective tape, or a flashing light so they can be seen by cars on the road.

2. BE AWARE! Your child should be aware of what's around them when they Trick or Treat. Remind them to look and listen for cars. Children should be aware of other people as well. If they think they are being followed, teach them to go to the nearest house and ask the adults there to call the police. They should wait by the door and not go inside.

3. DRESS FOR SAFETY! Long, flowing gowns and capes look cool, but they can be a tripping hazard. Clothing should only go to the top of the shoe, and it should never drag on the ground. Sleeves should not extend past the hand so the cuff doesn't get caught in or on something.

Masks are another thing that sometimes gets overlooked from a safety standpoint. A poorly fitting mask can obscure vision and make hearing difficult... not what you want when walking down a road in the dark! Be sure your child can see well, both directly ahead and to the side as much as possible. They should be able to hear well, and the mask should fit so that they can turn their head with no restriction in movement.

Any accessories such as canes, staffs, lightsabers, etc., should be made of material that is not sharp, and is pliable, so if your child falls on it it won't do any harm.

4. STRANGER SAFETY! Did I say Stranger Safety? You bet. While Trick or Treating on Halloween might actually be safer for your child because they are traveling in groups, consider this: it's also the perfect time for someone to follow your child and see exactly where they live. Fortunately, a few tips can help prevent this. Children should be aware of who's around them. Take note of cars following them, especially if they don't seem to have any other Trick or Treaters connected with it. Seeing the same vehicle following them, or suddenly showing up ahead of them could be an indication. Teach them that if they feel threatened, they should go to the nearest house and tell the adults to call the police. They should wait by the door, and not go inside until the police arrive. And they should NEVER accept a ride from a stranger, even if their feet hurt from walking!

5. SAFETY IN NUMBERS! Your kids should travel as a group, never alone. Not just because they could be vulnerable to someone else, but if they have an accident and get hurt, having someone with them to call for help is a great idea. Carrying a cell phone is also a good idea.

6. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT! Gone are the days when a child would get handmade cookies or popcorn balls and there was no danger. Children should be reminded that all candy and treats should be wrapped in the original wrapper. If it looks like it was opened, or smells odd, they should give it to you, the parent, and let you inspect it first.

7. SAFETY AT PARTIES! Halloween parties can be great fun for kids. Make sure you check with the parents to ensure there will be adults supervising. Children should call their parents for a ride home, and make sure you have the phone number of the house the party is at. Your child should also know your phone number in case they need to call you for anything.

Following these safety tips will help ensure your child's Halloween is safe, as well as fun!

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