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Regain Your Nursery Floor Space - Storage Tricks And Tips

Generally speaking, babies are small. So why on earth do we need so much stuff for their needs? And where do you put it all? In this article I reveal some top tips from parents on how to store all of your baby's bits and bobs without having to give up your own bedroom to use as a storage cupboard.

How To Prepare For A New Baby Arrival

Many people wait their entire lives in order to have a baby but when it actually comes time to bringing the baby home, they are ill-equipped to do so. It is very important for you to consider everything that needs done before the baby comes into the house. This is not only important for the health and safety of the child, and is also going to be important for your comfort and peace of mind. Here are a few things that must be done before you bring a baby home, and a few that you should consider adding to the list.

Hey No Individual Told Me Babies Need to Be Toilet Trained!

Can't wait to say goodbye to the baby diaper? Have a baby who's not happy in a diaper? It might be the perfect time to unveil the newborn potty seat and potty trainer. When children turn one, they might learn to understand that they've got a full rectum or bladder. A few babies are all grown up and capable to begin training as soon as Eighteen months, others are not there right until after the age of 3. It's common for moms and dads to begin potty training a child when their kids are around 2 and a half.

New Parent Advice - How To Survive Your Baby

Becoming a parent is easy. For many people it only takes a minute or so. Less in some cases. But that doesn't mean that coping with the resulting baby is as easy. Here are a few tips on how to survive your baby.

The nine months or so of pregnancy are a doddle. Giving birth to a few pounds of human being is a breeze. The real challenge of having a new baby is when you get back home from the hospital, shut the door behind you, and suddenly realise that there's a whole new human life entirely dependent on you for everything. I remember that moment well. For me, that's when I truly became a parent I think.

Is Your Baby Monitor A Security Risk?

No one would deny the value and importance of using a good baby monitor. But are there any concerns parents should have, including potential security issues?

No parent can expect to be by their baby's side the whole time. You need your own space, you need to eat, relax, bathe, sleep. A good, well chosen baby monitor can help enormously, giving you an immediate heads up as soon as your baby starts to become unsettled or unhappy.

Helping Your Toddler Bond With Their New Baby Sibling

The birth of a new baby represents a massive life change for your toddler although it's difficult to always remember this, especially when we're the ones who have been up all night. At those times (if we're not too sleep-deprived for imaginings), it can be useful to picture OUR lives and relationships being suddenly and dramatically changed... Perhaps something a little like this...

Can Young Children Be Experts?

Have you ever considered a child an expert? This is usually not two words that you see together. After doing a Google search for Children experts. I found that the sites were about adults being experts about children.

One particular site that I viewed ended up being a site that had continual pop ups. Other sites were selling educational toys that adult "experts" were recommending to the children. This made me wonder if the "experts" were the ones developing the toys or if they had actually had any children's advice on what toys would be best for them. One site even had "How experts Discipline their children".

Coping With Colic - A Guide For New Parents

One of the things you don't often find covered in ante natal classes is colic. It's not something people tend to bring up in conversation either, which means that new parents can sometimes be faced with an almighty shock. In this article I'm going to be looking at what colic is, signs to look out for, and how to cope.

Babies cry. We all know that. No one preparing for the arrival of a new baby is going to be of the belief that their baby won't cry. Nothing quite prepares you for the experience of a regularly crying baby, but at least there's usually something you can do to sooth them fairly quickly. Unless it's colic.

Do You Know Where Your Medications Are?

With inquisitive toddlers and grade school kids who aren't paying attention, medication poisonings are always an issue. We've always advised locking up medications so that kids can't get into them, and while this is still good advice, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reminds us that unsecured medications aren't the primary source of child medication poisonings.

Essential Accessories for Outfitting the Baby Stroller

Buying a high-quality baby stroller isn't always able to give you exactly what you need. Sometimes you need to invest in series of accessories to help improve on the overall functionality of the stroller. Accessories for the stroller are likely to vary from entirely useless to the highly essential; therefore you really want to carefully consider the accessories you purchase.

Five Tips For A Less Stressful Baby Sleep Schedule

There is a new baby in your house, and no one is getting any sleep at all! You ask yourself, why is my baby not sleeping through the night? What can I do to get her on a healthy sleep schedule?

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Regain Your Nursery Floor Space - Storage Tricks And Tips

Generally speaking, babies are small. So why on earth do we need so much stuff for their needs? And where do you put it all? In this article I reveal some top tips from parents on how to store all of your baby's bits and bobs without having to give up your own bedroom to use as a storage cupboard.

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Bedtime With Our Children: Priceless

After a long day at work or taking care of the children at home, and a pile of tasks still left undone, it's natural for many of us parents to want to rush the kids through bedtime so we can get back to work, or maybe just to collapse in front of the TV. It's easy to think of our children's bedtimes as another chore to be finished, especially when we feel pressured or stressed.

We all know that kids need quality time with us, and that reading stories to them before bedtime has lots of benefits for them, including instilling love of reading. We've been told. But it's not always easy to do.

Instead of looking upon kids' bedtime as another chore, there's another perspective that can make it so much more rewarding for us as adults, as well as for our children.

Think about it: did you work hard to become parents? Do you work hard to support and care for your kids? Do you realize they won't be with you for very long? We've probably all heard that. As many experienced parents will tell you, some days seem endless, but the years fly by quickly.

Maybe try this attitude: decide that it's going to be the best time of your day. Be ready to come upstairs when your kids do, and forgo the TV or chores for a change. Stay with them. Snuggle and hold them; breathe in their sweet scents and listen to their innocent chatter. Read stories. Do different voices for each character. Sing songs or ask them questions about their day. In a word, enjoy them. You might find just what you need: a reminder of what your life is all about; why you're working so hard; what's important. They'll give you perspective. They'll renew your sense of purpose. They'll bring you peace.

Take your shoes off and get in bed with them; maybe even put your pajamas on and fall asleep there once in a while. When they are grown up and gone from your home, you'll have sweet memories of this time, and gratitude that you did your best to appreciate the gifts given to you, despite the challenges and pressures. Then when you do return to the tasks left undone, you may notice a stronger resolve, a stronger confidence, and a reminder of why you're working so hard and what it's all for.

Obviously, this doesn't have to happen every night, but when it does, you may be surprised that you feel refreshed in mind and body.

Our children are precious gifts, given for a short time only. Let's do the best we can to cherish them. There will be no regrets.

Part of successful parenting is creating a warm, safe home environment for your children to grow up in. We at offer cute and stylish comforter and quilt sets to help make your girls' bedroom snuggly and comfortable.

infant car seat

Getting an infant car seat for your newborn is a must as you can never leave the hospital to bring home the baby if you do not have one. This is a strict implementation considering that there is a law about putting babies and toddlers in a restrain seat while they are inside a moving vehicle. This mandate of the law is truly a blessing knowing that the incidences of injuries and death of children can also be attributed with these lethal car accidents.

The question now is what is the most appropriate seat for infants? Here are the things that you need to know.

There are many types of infant seats. These seats' features and specifications will depend entirely on the brand and model. However, most infant seats that you can find in the market today can accommodate between 5 to 35 pounds. There are also those that can carry at least 4 to 30 pounds.

In most cases, parents opt for those that can accommodate between 4 to 30 pounds. This is because of the fact that it can accommodate very small babies and most often than not, babies that weigh more than 30 pounds are switched to a convertible seat in a front facing position.

What makes this car seat for 30 lbs. baby ideal is the fact that it can give him that optimum protection because of its orientation. We all know that babies under 2 years old must be restrained in a rear facing position for better security.

On the other hand, it is nice to know that 30 lbs. infant seats put your baby in a semi-reclining position so as to keep a proper alignment of his head, neck and spine. Considering that infants cannot support his fragile body yet, then this is a great option for parents knowing that their babies are given the best security.

Of course, most of these seats have an infant insert where you can put your baby for a more snug fit especially if he is too small. This also keeps your baby warm at all times; making him more comfortable in his entire ride.

There is nothing more important than the side impact protection. Always remember that your child's body is so susceptible to injuries and even with the slightest collision can be very detrimental for them. That is why; a car seat for 30 lbs. with side impact protection can keep his head in its safest position without compromising his tender neck and spine in getting injuries.

Aside from that, good energy-absorbing foam makes it all more comfortable for your infant. This is not only helpful when there is a car crash but most importantly during his regular day ride. Considering that having bumpy rides is never unusual, the energy absorbing foam absorbs as much force that will in turn, keep your baby's body in a safer and relaxing position that is free from shock and injuries.

Finding a car seat for 30 lbs. baby is not that difficult at all. You just need to be thorough so that you can get him the best.

best car seats for babies over 20 lbs

You must have been very excited when you found out that you are expecting a new member of your family. Perhaps this is one of the most exciting things you will ever have to encounter in your lifetime especially if you have waited for years to be blessed with a bundle of joy.

Like any parent, you would do everything to be able to provide for your baby. One of the things that you can do is to buy a car seat so that by the time you bring him home from the hospital, you can give him the best protection while he is inside a moving vehicle.

So before heading out to the store and get a seat for your baby, it would be ideal to know about the best types of seats available for your baby. This is to ensure that you are getting the best worth of your money as well giving him the best protection he will ever have. Here are some of the things you may want to look into before buying one of the best car seats for babies over 20 lbs.

    Price - you need to consider your budget before getting one so that you can look up different brands sand models that you can afford.

    Brand - it may not really matter that much considering that different brands have different strengths, it may be nicer to get those with known brands that have been in the industry for quite a long time. Among the known brands are Graco, Evenflo, Diono Radian, Britax, Recaro and many more. These brands have been tested and trusted by many parents worldwide for their excellence.

    Crash-tested - it is sad to know that there are a lot of car seats that have been sold that didn't even go through or passed the crash testing with the Safety Standards authorities. With this, you need to make sure that the one you are getting has passed or exceed all the requirements needed just as so you can be sure that you are giving your baby the best.

    Type of seat - there are two types that you can choose from that can accommodate your child that is over 20 pounds. First, the infant seat that has a maximum weight limit of 35 to 40 pounds and a convertible seat that can have 70 to 100 pounds weight limit. With this, you need to see what you think is the need of your child at the moment. Of course, you also need to make sure that the seat will fit your car. You can find a lot of seats that are compact and can fit small cars.

    Safety features - since its main job is to protect your child, you need to ensure that it has impeccable safety features. Since accidents may happen at any moment, getting something with side impact protection, energy absorbing foam, anti-rebound tether and many more.

Always remember that when buying one of the best car seats for babies over 20 lbs. you need to prioritize the need of your child more than the aesthetics of the seat. This way, you can give him the protection that he deserves.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Get the Stokke Xplory Stroller for Your Child

The Stokke Xplory Stroller is known to be both stylish and highly functional to anyone who uses it with their very young kids. This is why the stroller is considered a high-end kind. It may cost a little over more than a thousand dollars but there are a lot of mothers and fathers who trust this stroller so they wouldn't it being sold at a high price. It's not only good at keeping your kids in check. It is also very stylish that one can't go wrong having their kids in this stroller while they are out for a walk.

Chiropractic and Babies

It is a common misconception that as a chiropractor I only can help those people with bad backs. When it is suggested to my patients that they bring their babies and infants to be checked I often get very strange looks. I know exactly what's going through their heads "Is it safe? How could a baby possibly have back pain? You cannot adjust my baby like you do me?" Of course these are perfectly legitimate concerns and worries and I hope to address some of these questions.

How to Never Miss Your Child's School Event Again

Okay, so don't hate me, but I rarely miss any of my children's school events. I owe it to being very organized, but I also designed my life to be this way, working freelance and making my own hours most of the time, so I can be around for my kids on a regular basis.

I know it can be challenging when both parents work full-time and there isn't a lot of extra time to devote to special field trips and volunteer opportunities, but you need to make time for this. Treat a school event like a work obligation, where you'll be called into the boss's office if you don't complete the task. You work hard to protect your job, so remember that your kids' events are just as important to the success of your personal life.

Here are ten tips to keep you on the straight and narrow:

  1.     Have a main family calendar and organizer that is accessible to everyone.
  2.     Put all pertinent school dates on the calendar as soon as possible.
  3.     Volunteer at the school. It will mean you are better connected to faculty and parents and more aware of special events and communications.
  4.     Keep your calendar updated and stow information slips in the calendar pocket to refer to if needed.
  5.     Speak with your children about an upcoming event. This will help you remember it and children will be more excited as event day approaches, and you will in turn be unable to forget the special day.
  6.     Make sure you don't overschedule yourself or family members with too many events, or eventually dropping the ball will be inevitable!
  7.     Use whatever mobile calendar, organizer or app you need to keep you organized on the go. I set a reminder for a couple of days in advance and then a second one for an hour or so before the event.
  8.     Keep your inbox tidy. Arrange by thread or into folders so you can easily find the latest update on a school happening.
  9.     Learn how to say no. If you don't want to attend, or there's good chance you won't make it to a school function, RSVP no. If it turns out you can make it in the end, you'll be a rock star!
  10.     Be honest with yourself. You are going to miss something at some point in time. And that's not the end of the world. If you are around for most school functions, your kids won't mind if you miss the odd one.

Juggling family and work schedules can be challenging, but remember to show your children that their events are just as important as yours and you will reap the rewards.