Selasa, 03 September 2013

Why Are You Not Happy?

As I look back over my life and think about all I had went through as a child and how I endured it throughout my life, I cannot take the credit but it was my faith; stability and my mom being honest with me on what was happening in our family. Many of times we leave the child clueless and thoughtless because; we feel like they are not old enough to handle it or if we keep it away from them they will not notice anything. When you are being selfish and thinking what you are doing is best for the child, they are growing up with hurt and resentment. They grow up thinking what happen? And we find ourselves not ready to answer the questions.

When I speak to clients many express they are not happy and they recall the events that happened in their lives. As a Life Coach, I constantly have to build their confidence and trust to let them know I will be honest with you and will make you feel comfortable. Many sit in silence, they cry, or want to hit something to take the pain away. Once their emotions have passed, we go back to the very day when their happy were taken away from them. Many start off saying when I was five, six, seven and etc. I remember when my family was broken, my dad or mom was taken to jail or I witness an event in our household. They explained when I wanted answers, I could not get it because; the family did not think I would be able to process it. This made me felt like I was an outcast and I could not express my feelings to them. They understood but could not grasp what was going on and wanted someone to break it down to their understanding. They have went through life wanting to understand what happened and why did it took place.

Allow the child to grieve as they know how. We would be surprise to know how well they handle it or if they may need counseling. Allowing them to grow-up with the hurt is not giving them a chance to grow-up properly and they start acting out as they get of age. Having various types of therapeutic activities for them gives them a chance to express themselves and for you to understand what they are thinking about. As the adult you would be avoiding any questions, family hurt and secrets down the road. The child is able to grow-up and to understand life phases so, when it happens again they know what to expect.

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