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How to Never Miss Your Child's School Event Again

Okay, so don't hate me, but I rarely miss any of my children's school events. I owe it to being very organized, but I also designed my life to be this way, working freelance and making my own hours most of the time, so I can be around for my kids on a regular basis.

I know it can be challenging when both parents work full-time and there isn't a lot of extra time to devote to special field trips and volunteer opportunities, but you need to make time for this. Treat a school event like a work obligation, where you'll be called into the boss's office if you don't complete the task. You work hard to protect your job, so remember that your kids' events are just as important to the success of your personal life.

Here are ten tips to keep you on the straight and narrow:

  1.     Have a main family calendar and organizer that is accessible to everyone.
  2.     Put all pertinent school dates on the calendar as soon as possible.
  3.     Volunteer at the school. It will mean you are better connected to faculty and parents and more aware of special events and communications.
  4.     Keep your calendar updated and stow information slips in the calendar pocket to refer to if needed.
  5.     Speak with your children about an upcoming event. This will help you remember it and children will be more excited as event day approaches, and you will in turn be unable to forget the special day.
  6.     Make sure you don't overschedule yourself or family members with too many events, or eventually dropping the ball will be inevitable!
  7.     Use whatever mobile calendar, organizer or app you need to keep you organized on the go. I set a reminder for a couple of days in advance and then a second one for an hour or so before the event.
  8.     Keep your inbox tidy. Arrange by thread or into folders so you can easily find the latest update on a school happening.
  9.     Learn how to say no. If you don't want to attend, or there's good chance you won't make it to a school function, RSVP no. If it turns out you can make it in the end, you'll be a rock star!
  10.     Be honest with yourself. You are going to miss something at some point in time. And that's not the end of the world. If you are around for most school functions, your kids won't mind if you miss the odd one.

Juggling family and work schedules can be challenging, but remember to show your children that their events are just as important as yours and you will reap the rewards.

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