Senin, 11 November 2013

Bedtime With Our Children: Priceless

After a long day at work or taking care of the children at home, and a pile of tasks still left undone, it's natural for many of us parents to want to rush the kids through bedtime so we can get back to work, or maybe just to collapse in front of the TV. It's easy to think of our children's bedtimes as another chore to be finished, especially when we feel pressured or stressed.

We all know that kids need quality time with us, and that reading stories to them before bedtime has lots of benefits for them, including instilling love of reading. We've been told. But it's not always easy to do.

Instead of looking upon kids' bedtime as another chore, there's another perspective that can make it so much more rewarding for us as adults, as well as for our children.

Think about it: did you work hard to become parents? Do you work hard to support and care for your kids? Do you realize they won't be with you for very long? We've probably all heard that. As many experienced parents will tell you, some days seem endless, but the years fly by quickly.

Maybe try this attitude: decide that it's going to be the best time of your day. Be ready to come upstairs when your kids do, and forgo the TV or chores for a change. Stay with them. Snuggle and hold them; breathe in their sweet scents and listen to their innocent chatter. Read stories. Do different voices for each character. Sing songs or ask them questions about their day. In a word, enjoy them. You might find just what you need: a reminder of what your life is all about; why you're working so hard; what's important. They'll give you perspective. They'll renew your sense of purpose. They'll bring you peace.

Take your shoes off and get in bed with them; maybe even put your pajamas on and fall asleep there once in a while. When they are grown up and gone from your home, you'll have sweet memories of this time, and gratitude that you did your best to appreciate the gifts given to you, despite the challenges and pressures. Then when you do return to the tasks left undone, you may notice a stronger resolve, a stronger confidence, and a reminder of why you're working so hard and what it's all for.

Obviously, this doesn't have to happen every night, but when it does, you may be surprised that you feel refreshed in mind and body.

Our children are precious gifts, given for a short time only. Let's do the best we can to cherish them. There will be no regrets.

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